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    WBFF - B'More Healthy....Body, Mind and Spirit!

    B'More Healthy....Body, Mind and Spirit!
    Saturday, February 28
    10AM - 5PM
    Baltimore Convention Center

    Learn how to take actions and make choices to be more healthy.  FOX 45 will connect you with resources to help you be more healthy...body, mind and spirit!  The B'More Healthy Expo features:

    • Screenings for all ages
    •  University of Maryland Gymkana Gymnastic Team.  Live show at 11, 1 & 3
    • Healthy Food and Cooking Zone
    • Fit & Fun Kids Zone
    • Financial Fitness
    • Let’s Play Zone
    • Healthy Homes
    • Three stages of live entertainment
    • Arts Alive! Pavilion
    • Coaches' Corner
    • Safety Zone
    • Hands-only CPR Training

    There's something for every age, every interest, everyone!  Admission is free.

    WBFF - READ 15!

    READ 15!
    Encourage your children to read 15 minutes each day.  Read together or spend some quiet time with a book.  Set an example for your children to become readers ready to learn.  It's never too early to start.  Toddlers and preschoolers enjoy reading with parents and older siblings.
    So get ready and READ 15 minutes each adn every day!

    Learn more, visit

    WBFF - Childrens Mental Health Matters

    Childrens Mental Health Matters

    It's easy to know your child needs help dealing with a fever or a broken bone, but mental health problems can be harder to identify. The tricky part of parenting is knowing the kinds of behaviors and moods that are usual for the stage of development your child is in - and when your child has gone beyond the norm and needs help.Learn more, visit

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