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Bicyclist Wearing Helmet Cam Records Alleged Sunday Assault

A man riding his bike in the area of the 1600 block of Guilford Avenue on Sunday was allegedly assaulted by several unknown suspects. The victim was wearing a helmet camera at the time which allegedly recorded part of the incident.

On the YouTube post the victim writes, "You can hear when they threw a bottle at me from behind and then see when I try to grab my lock as a last resort as they started to attack, but dropped it. Grabbed it before they did. Only damage was to my thumb when they stomped it. Took punches, but they must have hit my helmet, because I don't have any marks. Camera cuts out at the end around this time. On the ground I started yelling 'help help help.' Residents started coming out and a distant siren scared them off. Called 911 after and met with an officer a few minutes later."

The victim sustained minor injuries and required no medical attention, police said.The incident is under investigation by Eastern District detectives. Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact investigators at 410-396-2433.


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