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Mom Jumps From Third Floor of Burning Building to Save Child

Though hospitalized with severe spinal injuries and facing a possible lifetime of paralysis, this Massachusetts mother's desperate act saved her toddler's life.

Christina Simoes spent Mother's Day in the hospital, but her 18-month-old, Cameron, is alive and safe. His mother made the most difficult decision of her life to save his; she jumped out of a third-floor window with her son clutched in her arms to save him from a fire.

"I am not doing too great but I am alive," Simoes said.

But better than any medicine a doctor could prescribe was seeing her son, alive and well, when he was brought to her bedside as she recovered in the hospital.

"This is the first time seeing him again and it's amazing," Simoes said. "It is so great to see him perfectly fine."

Simoes broke her back in the fall. After the jump she crawled with her elbows to get them away from falling debris. Amazingly, Cameron survived with only a bump.

"I just held my legs out the window, I grabbed him and held him as tight as I could. I kissed him and told him I loved him and then jumped," Simoes said.

For Simoes, despite the pain and possibility of not being able to walk again, keeping the love of her life safe was worth it.

"There is a chance I won't be able to walk," she said. "It is so worth it because he is OK."


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