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A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY has been issued for the entire area starting at 7am Sunday through 3am Monday.  1-3" of snow and sleet is possible starting as snow Sunday morning, becoming sleet and freezing rain and eventually all rain as it comes to an end Sunday night.  Snow and ice-covered roads are possible, especially untreated surfaces. 


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Vet Facing Accusations of Secretly Keeping Pets Brought in for Euthanasia

A popular veterinary clinic in Ft. Worth Texas was raided by investigators Tuesday after claims he was secretly keeping pets alive after they were brought in by their owners for euthanasia.

One family's attorney said investigators found evidence inside the clinic showing the dog was kept alive to give blood to other dogs.

In October the dog's owner, Marian Harris, had her four-year-old dog Sid put down at the recommendation of the vet when his health problems worsened. On April 21 the family says they got a call from a former employee of the clinic who told them Sid was still alive.

The family has taken their dog back.

"He was able to walk and jump in the back of my minivan so it was an excitement to be reunited," Harris said.

Animal control officers removed two more dogs from the clinic.The vet, Dr. Tierce, has been a licensed vet since 1966.


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