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2 Edgewood Stores Charged With Spice Distribution

Updated: Tuesday, July 8 2014, 05:19 PM EDT
The owners and clerks of two Edgewood convenience stores are facing multiple drug charges after a search warrant conducted by the Harford County Task Force and U.S. Department of Agriculture revealed the stores were selling synthetic marijuana.

Mystik Mart, located at 1713 Hanson Road, and the Royal Lands, located at 1712 Hanson Road, are accused of selling of “spice," a synthetic version of marijuana.

The task force began their investigation in March 2014 after receiving complaints and tips about the stores selling to juveniles and adults. The tips helped undercover officers make purchases from both locations.

At the Mystik Mart, five packages of the synthetic marijuana were recovered along with marijuana smoking pipes, pipe screens, and marijuana grinders. Glass case pens, which can be used as crack pipes, copper crack pipe filter, and digital scales used for weighing drugs to be sold were also seized.

In addition to selling "Spice," the Royal Lands store is also accused of accepting food stamps/EBT cards as payment, charging customers double the price. The task force found 37 packages of synthetic marijuana, 39 marijuana smoking pipes, and “Love Roses” which can be used as crack pipes. Copper crack pipe filter pads, marijuana grinds, and digital scales were also found.

The store owners and clerks will be charged with possession with intent to distribute, distribution of synthetic marijuana, possessing paraphernalia with the intent to distribute and maintaining a common nuisance.  None of the charged have been identified at this time.2 Edgewood Stores Charged With Spice Distribution

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