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Banned 190-Proof Grain Alcohol Taken Off Shelves

Updated: Wednesday, July 2 2014, 06:31 PM EDT

The sale of 190-proof pure grain alcohol is officially illegal in Maryland. The legislature passed the ban this spring and ordered it removed from shelves this week.

Now, another bottle is already taking its place -- the 151-proof bottle. It's slightly less dangerous to drink, but still about twice as potent as the typical vodka, and legal to purchase.

While Drug Expert Mike Gimbel supports the ban he predicts it'll do little to combat underage drinking.

"As  long as you've got a beer bong and Four Loko and vodka and tequila, these kids are going to take in mass quantities," Gimbel said.

Susan Aull, the owner of York L:iquors in Towson has spent almost two decades tracking what drinkers are demanding. She believes bans don't necessarily solve the problem.

"What I try to do is teach responsible drinking rather than taking it out of people's hands," Aull said. "If they're not going to be responsible drinkers they're not going to be responsible drinkers."

Banned 190-Proof Grain Alcohol Taken Off Shelves

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