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FOX45 Holds Town Hall Meeting 'Ferguson: America Reacts'

Updated: Tuesday, August 26 2014, 11:31 PM EDT

FOX45 hosted a national town hall Tuesday evening examining the issues raised nationally by the Ferguson shooting.

The problems surrounding the deadly shooting over two weeks ago are still plaguing the nation after Michael Brown was fatally shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

Panel members included author and commentator Roland Martin, political commentator Armstrong Williams, President of the Baltimore Branch of the NAACP Tessa Hill-Aston and former Maryland Transportation Authority Police Chief G. McLhinney.

The panel covered many issues including racial tensions, police officer training, and the media's handling of the shooting.
Everyone had a passionate opinion.

"Having an attitude with a police officer with a gun, you don't want to incite that police officer, you don't wanna do it. This is not just an attitude, its part of the process. There's a lot of dead people who didn't have an attitude," said Williams.

Author Roland Martin stated, "There's a fundamental problem here in America when it comes to how police are interacting with folks."

"I think the officers in this country need to be supported when they are right and held accountable when they are wrong," said former MDTA Police Chief G. McLhinney.

The President of the Baltimore Branch of the NAACP Tessa Hill-Aston says police need to know their community and urged the audience to "go to our elected officials...and demand that the police have training."

The audience of the Town Hall was made up of politicians, law enforcers, parents, crime victims and concerned members of the community.

While members had differing opinions, everyone agreed that more people need to get involved and vote.

FOX45 Holds Town Hall Meeting 'Ferguson: America Reacts'

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