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Grandma Accused of Rubbing Methadone on Gums of Autistic Grandson in Court

Updated: Tuesday, July 15 2014, 05:55 PM EDT

A grandmother accused of killing her autistic grandson with methadone came face to face with the child's mother in court on Monday.

On July 5, 2013 Bettyjane Jones learned her 17-month-old son was dead, after his grandmother rubbed methadone on his gums to help him sleep. Police say the grandmother admitted to rubbing the drug on Aadyn's gum line, and on the gums of his youngest sister Aviana.

Aviana survived.

In court Jones told jurors that Aadyn rarely spent the night at his grandmother's home because he was autistic and often had trouble falling asleep. Jones said she had no idea the children's grandmother even had the drug in her home.

In court on Monday Jones began to cry when asked to describe what Aadyn looked like when she saw him at the hospital. She replied. "Blue...I touched him and he was cold."

Rescuers testified that rigor mortis had already set in by the time they were called to the scene.

The attorney for grandmother Towanda Reaves spoke briefly as she left court on Friday.

"I think as the testimony is provided to the court there's only one conclusion any individual could reach and that is she in fact loved her grandchildren and still does very much," the attorney said.

Neighbors described Reaves as a loving grandmother as well. But on the stand, when prosecutors asked Jones if she believed the grandmother loved Aadyn, Jones replied, "I don't know."

FOX45 wanted to speak with Aadyn's mother as she left court Monday afternoon but she has been ordered not to discuss the case -- or her testimony -- until her mother-in-law's trial is over.

Grandma Accused of Rubbing Methadone on Gums of Autistic Grandson in Court

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