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Presidential Re-Enactors Thrill Crowds at Mount Rushmore

Updated: Friday, July 4 2014, 12:57 PM EDT

In honor of the 4th of July holiday, four presidential re-enactors are bringing history to life for visitors at South Dakota's Mount Rushmore national memorial.

Visitors got the rare opportunity to rub shoulders with some of history's most well regarded gentlemen. Each of South Dakota's four famous faces was personified at the monument.

For the man behind the 'Great Emancipator,' research into the 16th President began around four decades ago and still continues to this day.

"I really count it as a precious and valuable privilege and I do my research and I want them feeling like they are taking something home worth taking," the Lincoln impersonator said.

As for George Washington, Carl Closs began playing the part 17 years ago. He says his role gives him the chance to set the record straight about the nation's first president.

"Most Americans don't know very much about the founding of our country, and they know even less about George Washington, so that's my motivation," Closs said.

When it comes to the public reception at the monument it's safe to say these guys are a hit -- they are mobbed by the crowds.

The federal government estimates some three-million tourists a year visit Mount Rushmore.

Presidential Re-Enactors Thrill Crowds at Mount Rushmore

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