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President in Hot Water Over Comments About Government's Effect on Business

Updated: Monday, November 19 2012, 01:08 PM EST
The general election is heating up after comments President Obama made about the government's role in business.

Obama said successful business owners didn't get there on their own.
Some local business owners say the president is out of touch.

four and a half years, the owner of EmbroidMe, Allison Tran has
sacrificed to keep the doors open. "We refinanced our house and cashed
out money for that. We took out a second mortgage. We applied for credit

She and Minutemen Press Owner, Lester Miller, take issue
with President Obama's speech in Virginia on Friday. Obama told
supporters small business owners didn't reach success on their own.

ridiculous. For the President to say that I think shows a little bit of
lack of understanding for what business is all about," said Miller.

of Commerce President Keith Scott says the President did not choose his
words carefully. "And, to not give the people the credit for how hard
they've worked, people really take that in a way that's not easy to

Allison works round the clock, she says, without the
help of government. Obama aides say the president pointed to people who
inspire others.

Presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney
called the president's words insulting. The lines drawing criticism are a
fraction of the president's speech. To see the speech in context, visit
our news link page here.President in Hot Water Over Comments About Government's Effect on Business

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